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A major driving force behind Dubai’s development by providing extensive municipal services to a diverse population, the Dubai Municipality is one of the largest establishments in the emirate. Its reach encompasses urban planning and supervision, environmental protection and enhancement, conservation of public utilities, regulating and ensuring international standards.

In line with Dubai’s Vision 2021, transformation into a fully integrated Smart City, an e-government plan to streamline government department processes and deliver services electronically is in place.

The need for an online automatic monitoring system is becoming increasingly apparent to monitor and manage the activities of waste management companies, right from the point of collection, through transit to dump yard access, overall review/analysis of key performance indicators and control of illegal and unauthorized dumping.

RASID, an exclusive and customized system that provides an easy, user-friendly, scalable and powerful tool to regulate, monitor and manage registered waste management companies is one of such an initiative by the Dubai Municipality to address serious concerns of waste management and transportation in the emirate.

Authorities and stakeholders can access statistics and real-time status online to aid efficient process management. An independent Monitoring and Control Centre, located in Bur Dubai, manages RASID online and also extends procedural assistances.

RASID is fully scalable and could easily include monitoring of various categorized waste such as biological/ hospital/chemical etc., when required. Additional information includes the GIS mapping of locations, geo-coding of waste categories/dump yards, statistics on the weight/volume of waste handled, review reports of the volume of waste handled and processed, along with geographic points of interest, vehicle performance, container status, driver behavior, etc.
An automatically updated digital map of various locations, time schedule of specific routes and collection is also available. This would enhance the operational efficiency by means of point-to-point collection monitoring and control of fleet status and real-time management.

Features and Functionalities

  • Live online tracking
  • Emergency alerts
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Group tracking
  • Real-time map-based tracking
  • Route management
  • Reverse geo-coding
  • Geo-fencing
  • Customized map
  • Speed tracking
  • Ignition Control
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Multi-access end-user groups
  • Strong and concise reporting modules
  • Trip summary analysis reports
  • Vehicle diagnostics summary
  • Multi-layer dashboard


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