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Public Utility Services

Based on Dubai Municipality’s mission to plan, develop and manage an excellent city that provides the essence of success and sustainable living, and in pursuit of its vision to develop a happy and sustainable city, Dubai Municipality proactively provides a range of public utility services to improve the quality of life in Dubai.

Social Services:

Public Utility Service
Service Description
1Urban PlanningThe Urban Planning and Studies Department undertakes urban design studies of various communities and specific sites, which include studies of urban content and its improvement, through studying the existing situation and finding appropriate design solutions to upgrade those areas and improve them in proportion to their nature.
2Areas RehabilitationThe Urban Planning and Studies Department undertakes studies to rehabilitate the various communities in Dubai, especially the old areas, with a view to finding appropriate planning solutions by assessing the nature of those communities in terms of population numbers, demographic nature and existing conditions with the aim of eliminating negative phenomena resulting from several factors.
3Area Planning and Re-planningThe department of Urban Studies and Panning prepares detailed plans for different areas such as residential, commercial and industrial areas, etc., taking into consideration planning requirements in terms of public service standards, and the requirements of all service agencies, based on the principles of sustainability and optimal use of land.
4DrainageThe department of Sewage Projects is responsible for planning, designing and executing drainage and storm water networks in Dubai.
5Using Recycled Water for IrrigationThe department of Sewage Projects works on planning and executing Dubai irrigation networks, including their design, and the designation of the projects needed for their development, maintenance and execution.
6Specialized Planning StudiesThe department of Urban Studies and Panning undertakes specialized studies related to housing, services and infrastructure facilities in Dubai, including planning and legislative policies and standards, and provides evidence and tools to support the planning decision.
7Cleaning DubaiThe Waste Management department regulates the public cleaning works and garbage collection and transport from sub-areas, residential, commercial and tourist neighborhoods, main roads and highways, and public squares, as well as removing abandoned vehicles across Dubai. This is achieved through an integrated network of localized offices aiming at enhancing the efficiency of the services provided to our customers and the responsiveness to public requirements in order to provide distinguished environmental services.
8Expand the Green AreasThe Agriculture and Irrigation department works on expanding green areas through planning, execution, development and maintenance of forestation and horticulture projects in Dubai.
9Excavation, Conservation and Registration of Antiquities in Archaeological SitesThe Architectural Heritage and Antiquities Department regulates the inspection, drilling and excavation works on archaeological sites according to internationally approved standards, to ensure the accuracy and safety of archaeological excavations during all work phases. The department also records, documents, and restores the artifacts discovered during the excavation works, whether metallic, stone, organic, or pottery, to conserve them and prepare them for display in museums and exhibitions and in scientific publications.
10Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historical BuildingsThe Architectural Heritage and Antiquities Department renovates and restores historical buildings located within the historical area of Dubai.
11Control of Stray Animals in the Emirate of Dubai

Dubai Municipality is providing this service to achieve the following:

  • Avoid any harm to animals abandoned in residential neighborhoods and highways and avoid risk of accidents or being run over.
  • Maintain public safety and prevent accidents caused by animals on highways.
  • Control numbers and breeding of cats through surgical control programs.
  • TNR Assistance in sheltering stray dogs by delivering them reliable fosters after requiring them to vaccinate and register the animals, and commit to provide new care for them.
  • Help in finding missing animals and return them to their owners after receiving the necessary commitments not to neglect them and to provide appropriate care conditions.
  • Work on the application of CITES through the retrieval, confiscation and repatriation of endangered species, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Maintain public health by keeping in check diseases expected to be transmitted by stray animals.
  • Preserve the overall view of the city and public properties and prevent animals from destroying them.
12Plant ReservationThe Agriculture and Irrigation department applies a number of preventive programs for the conservation of natural plant species and consequently Dubai’s plant wealth.
13Preventive Control of Public Health PestsThe Health and Safety Department applies preventive programs which include surveying and monitoring of public health pests, monitoring of flying insects, crawling insects and rodents, and implementing actions to control public health pests.
14Department of Parks and Recreational FacilitiesPublic Parks and Recreational Facilities Department handles the operation and management of public parks and recreational facilities in Dubai, in line with Dubai’s urban plan, and based on a comprehensive study of the residents’ needs. These facilities include public and specialized parks and facilities in addition to the Children’s City.
15Management and Operation of Natural ReservesThe Environment Department manages and supervises natural reserves in an effort to conserve Dubai’s natural environment and wildlife and their diversified plant and animal species.
16Management and Operation of Abattoirs to Provide the Service of Livestock Slaughter and Meat PreparationThe Health and Safety Services Department manages, operates and regulates the abattoirs in the Emirate of Dubai in accordance with the health standards that guarantee the health and safety of all types of carcasses.
17Management of Public BeachesThe Environment Department manages, regulates, and supervises coastal zones to protect and develop their natural resources.
18Management of Historical and Archaeological Sites and MuseumsThe Architectural Heritage and Antiquities Department manages museums and centres and other related entities concerned in the architectural heritage and antiquities.
19Management, Operation and Maintenance of Plant NurseriesThe Agriculture and Irrigation department establishes, manages, operates and maintains plant nurseries and their production in Dubai.
20Management, Operation and Maintenance of CemeteriesThe Health and Safety Department establishes, manages and regulates cemeteries, and provides comprehensive humanitarian services for the burial of the deceased in the Emirate of Dubai.
21Management, Operation and Maintenance of Drainage, Irrigation, Surface Water and Rainwater NetworksThe Department of Sewage Treatment Plants and Networks operates the primary and secondary sewage pumping stations, and the surface water and rainwater pumping stations in Dubai.
22Management, Operation and Maintenance of Dubai Municipality ClubThe Department of Human Resources manages, operates and maintains Dubai Municipality’s Club, including the management of club memberships and enabling members to benefit from its services and facilities.

Control Services:

23Inspection of Food Related Activities and ProductsThe Food Safety Department monitors food and food-related establishments in Dubai to ensure the conformity of their products with the related specifications, and with the approved health requirements.
24Inspection of Measuring Equipment\Instruments Used in the Emirate of DubaiDubai Central Laboratory Department monitors the conformity and accuracy of equipment\instruments used in commercial transactions, with international specifications and standards adopted in Dubai.
25Inspection of Products Quality and Block FactoriesDubai Central Laboratory Department carries out inspection and monitoring on block factories operating in Dubai and producing different types of blocks; in order to ensure the compliance of the produced blocks and materials with the related approved requirements, standard specifications, legislation and the regulations implemented within the Emirate of Dubai.
26Inspection of Gold and Jewelry ShopsDubai Central Laboratory Department carries out inspection and monitoring on Gold and Jewelry shops in Dubai, to ensure the compliance of their products with Dubai Municipality’s requirements and related regulations.
27Inspection of Veterinary Establishments and Animal Production FarmsThe Health and Safety Department monitors veterinary establishments to ensure their compliance with the regulations, specifications and instructions issued by Dubai Municipality concerning the safety of the veterinary establishments products. It also assesses the conformity of these products with the quality standards stipulated in the international agreements and conventions concerning the animal health and welfare, such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), in an effort to protect the animal health and care and prevent the spread of animal diseases.
28Environmental Inspection of Industrial, Commercial and Service FacilitiesThe Environment Department regulates and controls the activities of the industrial, service and commercial establishments in Dubai, and assess their compliance with the environmental laws and legislation observed in Dubai, in an effort to reduce their negative impact on the environment and protect all related sectors.
29Control of Public Health Related Institutions in the Field of Public Health Pest ControlThe Health and Safety Department monitors public health pest control establishments operating in Dubai, to ensure their compliance with the sanitary and technical requirements required in public health pests control operations. It also assesses pest control programs conducted by public health pest control establishments in hotels, shopping malls, major supermarkets to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of these programs and records of pesticides and names of workers are kept in a special file operations pest control and available upon request.
30Control and Inspection of Public Safety Regulations and Requirements in the Emirate of DubaiThe Health and Safety Department performs specialized technical and Engineering control and inspection on public places and establishments (shopping malls, shopping centres, entertainment and recreational facilities, fixed and temporary play areas, events, celebrations and festivals locations, open areas in dangerous locations and crowded areas), maintenance, advertising, loading and unloading companies, control and emergency systems, elevators and escalators, equipment, firefighting systems and any other activity within the department’s scope, to ensure their compliance with the public safety regulations and requirements approved by Dubai Municipality.
31Control and Inspection of Public Health Regulations and Requirements in Built EnvironmentThe Health and Safety Department undertakes the following tasks: Specialized technical and engineering control and inspection on built environments, such as inhabited buildings, public health establishments, and workers housing, to ensure their compliance with the public health regulations and requirements approved by Dubai Municipality. Control and inspection on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and water quality (except for drinking water) to ensure their conformity with the health and safety regulations and requirements approved by Dubai Municipality. Monitoring of employees in relevant institutions, to ensure their compliance with the public health regulations and requirements approved by Dubai Municipality. Field survey, monitoring negative environmental and health practices and taking the necessary measures, according to the regulations and requirements approved by Dubai Municipality.
32Control and inspection of recommended health and safety regulations and requirements for imported and traded consumer products in the local marketThe Health and Safety Department performs technical and specialized control and inspection of establishments involved in the trading of consumer products in the Emirate of Dubai, according to the approved classification, to ensure their commitment to manufacturing, trading and promoting consumer products according to the health and safety regulations and requirements approved by Dubai Municipality.
33Periodical Inspection on Existing Buildings and Facilities and of Land UsesThe Building Control Department conducts periodic site visit inspections on existing buildings (Permanent and Temporary), its facilities and land uses to ensure the commitment with all relevant legislation, laws, building regulations and instructions issued by Dubai Municipality.
34Advertising InspectionThe Executive Planning Department monitors and inspects advertising billboards for their compliance with all issued permits, legislation that are under Dubai Municipality authority. It also works, in coordination with the concerned authorities, to remove the violating advertisements and take the necessary measures against the violators, in an effort to preserve the architectural facade of the emirate, in accordance with the urban planning standards and landscape architecture of the emirate.
35Inspection of the Workspace of Contracting Companies and Engineering OfficesThe Building Permits Department monitors contracting companies and engineering consulting offices to ensure the compliance of those establishments and their technical staff with the approved standards for the practice of engineering professions.
36Inspection of Waste Treatment Systems and Projects in Waste Treatment CentresThe Waste Management Department inspects and audits waste treatment systems adopted by the concerned investment companies, to ensure their compliance with all legislation, laws, regulations and instructions issued by Dubai Municipality.
37Inspection of Agricultural Establishments and CompaniesThe Agriculture and Irrigation department monitors and inspects agricultural establishments and companies in Dubai, to ensure their compliance with the approved health requirements, and the conformity of their products with specified specifications.
38Inspection and Control of Historical Buildings and AreasThe Architectural Heritage and Antiquities Department inspects and monitors historical sites and buildings to ensure commitment and not violating the regulations of preserving urban heritage.
39Inspection of MarketsThe Investment Department, Market Management Section, inspects and controls their markets, to ensure that the commercial establishments operating in the markets comply with the laws, legislations, regulations and approved system
40Community Violations ControlThe Investment Department, Market Management Section, performs tours of inspection and organizes campaigns to monitor and control community violations across Dubai related to beggars, itinerant sellers, car washers, and the like, in order to take the necessary measures according to applied regulations.

Informational Services:

41Technical and Specialized Investigation Into Incidents Resulting from Non-Compliance with Public and Occupational Safety Regulations in the Emirate of DubaiThe Health and Safety Department conducts specialized technical and engineering investigations on accidents occurring due to non-compliance with the requirements, standards and specifications applied in the fields of environmental health, public and occupational safety, consumer and non-pharmaceutical products safety (as per the approved classifications), and investigates their root causes, in accordance with international best practices, to take the necessary actions according to Dubai Municipality’s approved work regulations and policies.
42Control and Inspection of Occupational Safety Regulations and Requirements in the Emirate of DubaiThe Health and Safety Department performs specialized technical and engineering control and inspection on loading and unloading companies, industrial workshops and establishments, and infrastructure establishments, as well as on their work environment, employees and related activities, to ensure their compliance with the occupational safety regulations and requirements approved by Dubai Municipality.
43Environmental AwarenessThe Environment Department plans, organizes and executes necessary programs, activities, events and campaigns to increase the level of environmental awareness in the community concerning important environmental matters, and to inspire positive environmental behaviors among different groups. Besides, delivering environmental education courses for children during school breaks to raise their environmental awareness level.
44Food Safety AwarenessThe Food Safety Department prepares, executes, and organizes programs, campaigns and educational activities to raise awareness about food safety.
45Awareness on Sustainable Waste ManagementThe Waste Management department prepares and executes awareness and educational activities and events related to sustainable waste management for all local community segments.
46Public Health AwarenessThe Health and Safety Department plans and executes awareness programs and activities related to public health.
47Agricultural Awareness and GuidanceThe Agriculture and Irrigation department provides agricultural guidance for concerned entities in Dubai, organizing and executing relevant awareness and educational programs and activities.

Commercial Services:

48Management and Operation of Dubai Municipality MarketsThe Investment Department creates, manages and regulates new permanent and temporary markets, based on comprehensive studies of the requirements and needs of the planning areas in Dubai, in line with the current economic situation. It also manages, regulates, develops and caters for the needs of its related markets according to the best international practices, ensuring the availability of all required services in collaboration with the concerned regulatory units. The Investment Department also regulates and manages waiting and unloading squares in specialized markets, sets working hours, organizes internal traffic, and stipulates the work conditions of squares, docks and parking spaces inside the market, and how the goods are displayed and sold, and others. It also coordinates with the concerned regulatory units to perform preventive and corrective maintenance of the markets and their facilities.


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