Food Watch System


Foodwatch is a cutting-edge digital platform for food safety and nutrition anchored in Dubai Municipality's vision of making Dubai the healthiest, happiest and the most sustainable city. 

The Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality developed the Food Watch platform to facilitate data exchange between authorities, food businesses, service providers and consumers. By utilizing digital monitoring techniques, data analytics and customized applications, the platform will offer full traceability of foods with validated ingredient and nutritional information. Smart contracts, services, and customized applications will deliver every user a unique experience based on their requirements. Digitized exchange of data will enable the delivery of real-time assurance based on predictive insight, from what went wrong to what is likely to go wrong.

The platform will connect all stakeholders, products, and processes in a unique and trusted digital network and make life better for everyone. When it reaches optimum utilization, Food Watch will fundamentally facilitate trust among parties and decrease transaction costs by reducing duplication, reconciliation, and record-keeping tasks.

A multi-disciplinary team from the Food Safety and Information Technology Departments of Dubai Municipality manages the Food Watch platform. Authorized personnel from Science Tribune currently manage the data collection process. To register and use Food Watch, go to http://www.foodwatch.ae