We are, at Dubai Municipality Call Center 800900, pleased to receive your comments, complains, suggestions, & notification related to any of Dubai municipality services around the clock (24/7). The call center is the unified and qualified center to answer any inquiry raised by the customers regarding any municipality services. Hence, do not hesitate to contact us to submit your suggestions to improve our service in order for you to be a participant in our services improvement and development.
You can inquire about:
  1. Any of Dubai Municipality services and the related procedures.
  2. The service delivery channels and centers, and the working hours for these locations.
  3. Timings and public utility services such as parks and public markets.
You can also submit complaints about:
  1. The level and quality of services provided by Dubai Municipality.
  2. The performance of the front line staff.
  3. Cleanliness, gardening services and the public markets.
  4. Delay in completion of your requests at the municipality.
You can also submit Notifications about:
  1. Compilation of general waste of public roads and waste containers.
  2. Breeding of insects of public sites.
  3. Cleanliness of restaurants and food establishments in Dubai.
  4. Cases of bachelors residing in private and family residential areas.