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Al Jaddaf​​

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Project Objective:
a distinguished project to serve the educational, societal, and tourism movements and is considered as one of the specialized projects that’s related with the latest technologies, and it's considered as a significant mark on Dubai Tourism map. It is also a forum for a mixture of cultures through cultural services that will be provided by live library presentations, documentaries, lectures, from all over the world. includes a large electronic library database. Additionally, most of the physical books, articles, newspapers ... etc. will be converted to electronic versions. The library will also be digitally linked with global libraries to share and retrieve rare, valuable, and difficult to obtain sources of information.

Architectural Concept: The Rehl is the traditional lectern. The Rehl carries books in general and more specifically the Koran. In the same way, a library carries and preserves the cultural treasures of a nation in the form of literature, periodicals, and audiovisual media. In this respect, the architectural concept of the library is based symbolically on the lectern, the Rehl, and translates this into a modern 21st-century vocabulary.
Project Elements:
  • The main building composed of basement, ground floor, and a seven-story, also contains central warehouse for books, Preservation Lab, Collection & Material Processing, also it includes specialized libraries such the Information Centre, Arabic Library, Popular Library, Children's Library, Family Library, International Library, Media Library, publications visual and auditory and Internet services, Young Adult Library, Study Rooms, Conference Rooms, Special Library which includes Al Maktoum collection and rare books and articles, Business Library, also there are various open reading areas, Permanent Exhibitions, Temporary Exhibitions, Auditorium, Cinema, borrowing books Sections to enable visitors and tourists to keep up with the movement of scientific development in the world.
  • General site work and infrastructure work, landscape work.
Total Built Up Area: 66,000 square meter
End User: Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Foundation.
Expected Completion Date: 2018

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