Barcode is the symbol that shows the details of the product and is in charge of the factory and must be obtained during the manufacture of the product.

  • Yes. You have to get approval for importing detergents and disinfectants. The procedure is as follows:

·         Send application to Assessment and Registration of Products  by email

·         After receiving no objection letter, the company can import and sell items in the local market.

For importing toys first you should have to obtain permit for it. it can be obtained by applying online through Dubai Municipality website Required data and documents should be attached such as.

·         safety certificate

·         certificate from country of origin

·         images of toys

·         Bill of Lading

Once the approval is issued, replay will be obtained after  three working days.

Before importing, the company should register the items and get it assessed by applying for assessment and registration of consumer products,  through

After receiving no objection letter company, may import cosmetics and sell it in the local market.

​Harmless pets like dogs ,cats and birds can be raised at homes after fulfilling the conditions of Municipality .Proper registration of animals, completing required vaccinations include in the conditions. Raising  animals like sheep, goats, cows , camels etc. not at all allowed as per Local Order no.11/2003

·         You can import food to Dubai following these  procedures:

·         The  importing company  should have business license issued by a licensing authority  of UAE government and its commercial activity  should include trading of food stuff.

·         Register the company with  e-government, Al Twar  Center 042808000
, Karama Centre 043374800.

·         Submit copy of business license and registration form which can be obtained from  municipality website, with  the seal of original company.

·         Open food import and export  services.

·         Submit copy of business license with contact details of company and the person authorized by the company to deal with the Department.

·         Karama Centre  Fast Service Counter No.9.

·         Pay the financial security for a number of shipments.

·         Karama Centre T 043374800.

·         Submit copy of license and an amount  of AED 15,000 in cash or  by certified check from the bank or by  credit card (check from the company not allowed)
Special procedures regarding food items.

·         Certifying  the food label to make sure the product's compliance with the requirements and specifications.

·         Al Twar Center  Tel 042808000 - Karama Centre  Tel 043374800 Centre.

·         Submit sample of the food product or attach food label in full with online application.

·         Application must be submitted online with attaching  a picture of the product and  food label for registering in the system.

·         Al Twar Center  Tel. 042808000 - Karama Centre  Tel.043374800  DFC Tel. 2163485, Jebel Ali office  Tel. 8818675.

·         Laboratory analysis of the food  sample to make sure  the quality and its compliance with the conditions at the expense of the importing company (Dubai Central Laboratory).

·         Documents needed with the shipment –customes details–List of contents- Health certificate from a government health Authority- Certificate of Halal slaughter from an Islamic council in the case of supported for meat and meat products.

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