GIS Projects

Spatial Data Update Project
The project is an update of the base map, which is one of the basic functions of the Data Section, so it is annually done. In this version, the focus has been on updating the data on municipal assets, in coordination with the departments of assets and projects, as well as conducting a field survey to confirm accuracy and then update them into GIS database.

3D Aerial Photography Project
The project of producing a three-dimensional geographical model for the Emirate of Dubai aims to provide Dubai Municipality in particular and government agencies in general with three-dimensional geographical data of the types of buildings and their external facade  in the Emirate of Dubai, where the outputs are correct geographical data with corrected coordinates that are displayed through a specialized program consists of specific analytical capabilities that help support the master plan of the Emirate of Dubai.

Satellite Imagery Project for Data Updating 
The project is the result of a strategic partnership with the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, which aims to receive modern multi-spectral images from the center and then analyze them to extract large-scale geographical data such as green areas, water bodies and change detection rapid in urban areas.

Aerial Photography Project To Update The Base Map
Set of corrected aerial photographs are provided by the company to GIS Department through this  project ,then images used in the process of updating the base map (this project is currently frozen)

Unique application for providing the official geographic addressing system adopted in the Emirates of Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah & Ras Al Khaimah.

Dubai is the first city in the world to use numbers called “Makani Number” to exactly locating building’s entrance(s).  Simple addressing, consists of 10 digits only (E.g.: 30032 95320) which doesn’t require using names, codes or explaining the location’s direction. Mentioning only numbers for describing location suits multi-nationalities with different languages in the U.A.E.

The application aims to make it easy for all residents and tourists to search, define & locate places and enjoy navigating to desired destinations by using mobiles, tablets, desktop accurately and quickly.

The following features are available in this release & most of them work WITHOUT the need of the INTERNET connection from the second time of usage!

  • Search for Makani numbers & point of interest by voice.
  • Building boundary & its main entrance(s) markers will be highlighted with Makani Number once the user points on a building in the satellite/normal mode through the interactive map.
  • All details of selected place with street level imagery view.
  • Ability to link Makani number with contact on your mobile for direct access & search.
  • Manage your favourite (saved) places in a very simple way.
  • Advanced Search using land number and the traditional addressing system to specify a location & get its Makani Number.
  • Reads QR code in Makani plates & finds all related information.
  • Full featured turn by turn voice guided navigation from current location to the targeted place.
  • Plan route with multi destinations; shows the routes on the map & explains the steps to reach the target site.
  • Share the location of a place with others through different communication channels and social media.
  • English & Arabic interfaces.

The project is an update of the as-built data for the infrastructure services lines – irrigation, drainage and sewage. The project was created through coordination with the concerned Departments. During the first phase, the legacy data available in the archives of the concerned departments were transferred to GIS database after development of data model, delivery standards and QC tools, and are now automatically updated through daily transactions.

Geo-Maturity Project
The project aims at carrying out a comprehensive study of the maturity of the GIS in the Municipality based on the best global practices of GIS models for maturity, through which all the technical aspects of the GIS Department are evaluated in terms of quality and confidentiality of data, applications, team readiness and various levels of relationships internally and externally. The results of this study are used in the development of the GIS road towards achieving management objectives.​



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