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GIS Services

We provide, at the Department of Geographical Information System (GIS) Centre, geographic and geospatial maps and data to various governmental and non-governmental entities based on their nature. Our services include:

Apply for Geospatial Maps and Data

This service enables governmental departments, authorities, institutions, building consultants, contractors, and citizens to obtain digital maps or geospatial data in different formats according to their request and to the powers vested in each entity.

Request Online Access to Geographical Databases

This service enables governmental departments and authorities to receive access to the geographical databases and shared files, according to the needs of the project the concerned entity is working on.

Request Access to Amakin Browser

This service enables governmental institutions, authorities and departments connected to the Government Information Network (GIN), to instantly check any change to the geographic information in Amakin Browser related to planning, buildings and lands details and other important information.


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