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GPS Tracking

The Dubai Municipality has issued a circular that all private waste collection vehicles in the emirate will be tracked in real time from 2016 to reduce improper waste dumping practices and random disposal of municipal, construction and demolition wastes.
Using innovative Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking, all waste management and transportation activities will be monitored and streamlined through the RASID system.
All waste management companies registered with the Municipality will have to ensure that their assigned transports are fitted with a GPS Tracking System along with weighing scale and level sensors as appropriate to the activities they are engaged in.
It will be the responsibility of these companies to maintain the required accuracy levels in the weighing systems, which will be installed on board their vehicle. The GPS System service providers would also have to ensure that the data/information provided through their GPS devices is compatible with the RASID Server, therefore stringent device verification process is enabled.


The communication should be direct between the tracking devices and the Dubai Municipality Server without any third-party linkages. The service providers need to provide the device protocol document to communicate with the Municipality Server along with the sample device to be submitted at Rasid Control and Monitoring Center. The process is as follows. .

  1. The device will send the GPS data through the GSM network to the Municipality Server
  2. The RASID Application will retrieve the data directly from the Server
  3. The Server will share the tracking data publically to the public application for registered users and display it on the Application.
  4. Please note: The data processed through the GPS devices is not to be shared with any third party servers.
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