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RASID Hardware Units

GPS Device specification requirements for Implementation of RASID System

Requirements (Minimum Mandatory)

SIM card requirements Provide GPRS/3G data sim card with a minimum data capacity of 20 Mb for a month.
GSM(GPRS) Quad Band 900/1800 MHz, 850/1900 MHz
GPRS Class 10 (Upto 85.6)
SMS for OTA configuration
32 channel receiver
High sensitivity, not less than -161 dBm
IMEI Device IMEI should be valid under TRA
Latitude & Longitude Format Device should send the latitude and longitude in decimal format
Date & Time Format Device should sent the date and time in UTC format
Speed Format Device should send the speed in miles/hour format
Direction Format Device direction setting should have 0-360 degrees
Digital Inputs Minimum 2 digital inputs
Digital Outputs Minimum 2 digital outputs
Analog Inputs Minimum 1 analog input
1 Wire Interface Device Should have 1 wire interface for temperature/ibutton
Power supply The power supply should be between +5 to +30 v
USB/Serial interface The USB/Serial interface should be available for initial configuration
Internal battery The internal battery should have a minimum backup of 24 hours
FOTA/ USB/ Serial The firmware of the device should be upgradable through OTA as well as USB/Serial interface
Flash Memory Flash memory should be minimum 2 MB ( or equivalent to >= 2000 offline records) for saving the records, when GSM not available
Data-sending mode Device should send the data in time, distance and direction mode
PTO Connection To get the PTO status
CAN Interface Mandatory for the vehicles that have CANBUS for accurate data

On-Board Weighing System for Bulk Collection

Communication RS232 Communication (Serial Communication)
Weight data Total weight
Weight per location
Partial weight (weight on collection)
Alerts Configuration Configuring weight limit
Alert for overloading
Data pushing mode Data pushing on event (bin collection)
Data pushing on predefined Interval
Data polling mode Data Polling on Request(online Polling)
Weight Sensors To get the weight of the bins based on location
Accuracy 1% full scale
Capacity (GVW) 17 -50 Tons
Operating Voltage 15 -30V
Operating temperature 0 to 60 degree C
Inclinometer – chassis lean alarm 3 degrees
Inclinometer – body load alarm 40% off centre
Weighing modes Standard, axle, twin/5th wheel and air, drawbar
Indicator type LCD
Indicator size 79.0 x 30.9 mm
Indicator operating temperature -10 to + 50 °C
Indicator environmental protection IP20
Indicator resolution 240 x 90 Dots 240 X 90 dots
Dot pitch 0.42 mm
Load cell port 4 pin connector (for junction box)
Overload alarm – audible Optional external alarm sounder on vehicle
Password protection 4 digits, manager and user PIN
Form factor Din cut out
Load cell types Up to 8 CANbus or analogue load cells
Interfaces RS232
Baud rate 1200, 2400, 9600, 19200, 57600
Connector 9 pin to printers/scoreboard bps
Printer capability Impact or heavy duty type
Wireless Remote Handheld Unit Range Up to 50 meters in open terrain
15 channels , A-O, Frequency 868MHz (complies with the European license free ISM band regulations)
Viewing area 50.6 x 31.0 mm
Minimum voltage 3.3 (with reminder on screen) Vdc
Max charging voltage 4.2 V dc
Charging time Three hours approximately, discharged to full, Battery type -Nickel Metal Hydride, rechargeable –
ruggedized, Backlight 8 seconds per button push, IP 66 Protection
RFID Interface For the personnel identification
Two-way communication With the driver
Features and alerts within the device
Ignition On/Off Ignition On/Off status alert
Engine Immobilization Engine Immobilization (as output)
Overspeed Overspeed alerts
SOS button (optional) SOS alert during emergency – Panic Button
Harsh braking Harsh braking alert during rash reduction in velocity
Harsh cornering Harsh cornering alert during rash change in angular velocity
Harsh Acceleration Harsh acceleration alert during rash change in velocity
Temperature Sensor (optional) Environment temperature
Fuel Sensor (optional) Fuel sensor for the detection of fuel level of the device
Device battery Low Battery Low status of internal and external battery
Towing Tow alert during illegal movement of the vehicle
Tampering/Battery Removed Tampering/Battery Removed alert when primary power supply is cut off
Geo-fence Geo-fence feature should be available within the device
Weight The weight of the collected waste based on the location

The container level sensor should be designed and built to accurately measure container fill levels in harsh environmental conditions. It should employ ultrasonic sonar technology together with temperature and motion sensors. The smart software should be able to measure the fill level and automatically detect important events such as container collections, fire and vandalism. Advanced algorithms to be applied to determine the fill level even if the surface of the contents is unevenly shaped. Measurements to be performed at confgurable intervals, usually once per hour.

  • Reader
    • Reads any Maxim iButton through 1-wire (onewire) interface
    • All metall parts are chromium-plated
    • Should be compatible with any access control device
    • Plastic casing
    • M12 thread
    • Standard wire – 40 cm
    • Waterproof
  • ID
    • Waterproof iButton probe without LED
    • Reads any Maxim iButton through 1-wire (OneWire) interface
    • Should be compatible with any access control device
    • Standard wire – 40 cm
    • Made from high grade stainless steel: 1.4418
    • Full resistance to halogen elements (e.g. sea water)
    • Should be compatible with UTAH-P (magnetic) holders

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